Transform Education
in Pakistan

EDeQUAL works with Pakistan’s government schools and private educational
institutions to deploy technology-enabled blended learning in Math, Science,
and English to transform learning outcomes for students.

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Improve Students'

EDeQUAL helps students to understand concepts while learning
individually at their own pace. We guarantee significant
improvement in just 3 months of regular use.


Pakistan’s Best Blended Learning Solution!

Education outcomes in Pakistan are extremely poor. A grade 6 student in a government school is typically four years behind in academic achievement. The situation in most schools that serve low-income students is not much different.

Rote learning methods, poor quality instructional materials, and “guess papers” that enable students to memorize exam solutions result in an entire generation that is uneducated. Higher order thinking skills – understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating – that are key to success are absent in most students, including many who attend expensive private schools.

Raising education quality in Pakistan’s primary and secondary schools rapidly and affordably at large scale is challenging but possible. Effective use of technology for learning is a key to education transformation.

EDeQUAL has demonstrated through its technology-enabled blended learning method that students can meaningfully improve their understanding in STEM subjects four times faster than normal classroom methods.



  • EDeQUAL finds the topic I have difficulty in and benefits me.

    Sami Zafar
    Class 9, Froebels
  • THANKYOU ! i thought that i wont improve with EDeQUAL and got very bad marks before, now i have got good Average marks which i thought id never get. Thankyou edequal.

    Zahra Pathan
    Class 9, St Joseph’s Convent School
  • I love the idea of individualised learning which is very helpful. Having gaps filled out so I do not face problems further on.

    Uzayr Imran
    Class 8, Bay View High
  • The thing I like about EDeQUAL is that, we are using laptops for learning maths and every student works on his own topics he needs help with, so there is no rush to complete something.

    Saim Ahmed
    Class 9, The Indus Academy
  • It is bringing about a positive change. He is feeling more confident about his Math skills.

    Tahira Nadeem
  • My concepts are now clear and I have improved a lot since I joined EDeQUAL

    Abdul Rehman Sheikh
    Class 9, Generations
  • EDeQUAL provides students an excellent learning environment, which certainly enhances the skills of child in relation to Mathematics.

    Hina Farooq
  • At EDeQUAL, everything is very organised!

    Mustafa Mehdi Agha
    Class 5, Karachi Grammar School
  • My daughter is happy to join EDeQUAL. Before this, her interest in Math was zero and she has been struggling in this subject since grade 4. I would definitely continue to send her to the next term.

    Nadia Khawar
  • I like that EDeQUAL is really helping me improve my maths a lot and that it is all on computers.

    Mikhael Ali Khan
    Class 7, The International School


Partners include schools and other institutions that have implemented EDeQUAL’s assessment and learning solutions