Working with EDeQUAL


Schools can use EDeQUAL flexibly to support and strengthen classroom teaching in order to enhance their students’ learning outcomes. We provide training for schools that deploy EDeQUAL, including:

Familiarizing teachers with our learning platform and instructional materials.
Certifying teachers in EDeQUAL’s blended learning method.
Providing a technology audit and identifying hardware requirements for schools.
Supporting implementation and providing reporting on student improvement.

We emphasize individualized learning with teacher support to help students overcome learning hurdles, and learning in small peer groups. EDeQUAL can be deployed in computer labs or tablet-enabled classrooms. Schools can deploy EDeQUAL’s blended learning solution for:


Remedial Needs

Students who are behind can use the program to address their learning gaps and do extra practice on selected topics to get up to speed.


Teachers can create a customized course on EDeQUAL that parallels their classroom syllabus. Topics being covered in class can be assigned as homework for students; or as additional practice during school hours in the computer lab.



Core Curriculum

EDeQUAL’s program is comprehensive and can be used as the core syllabus for any class level. Teachers simply need to follow EDeQUAL’s progression and can use the online resources to help teach the material in their classes.


No more laborious grading of tests and quizzes! Teachers can use EDeQUAL’s online Mastery Assessments to regularly test their students’ understanding of the material. The assessment scores are provided automatically and immediately. So teachers can focus on areas of weakness (e.g. certain types of problems that many students find difficult), and on low performers who may require more intensive practice to come up the learning curve.



Teacher Training

EDeQUAL’s course content can be used to support teacher training and development.

Performance Management

EDeQUAL’s topic-wise Mastery Assessments and grade level assessments can also provide school administrators with transparency into their students’ performance across different classes or sections. Performance data can be dis-aggregated by class, topic, or even individual student in order to pinpoint precise areas of difficulty, which can help to target interventions that help improve student learning outcomes.


Implementation Requirement

EDeQUAL is a cloud-based solution. Implementation requirements are:

A computer lab or classroom with functioning computers: EDeQUAL can be accessed on any device – desktops, laptops, tablets, or other mobile device with flash and java, with minimum 512MB RAM and 2GB free space. Recommended minimum screen size is 7 inches. Please note that some third-party content on our site requires flash, which is not supported by Apple iPad. EDeQUAL’s app is available on the Puffin browser for use on tablets.

Any Operating System: Computers can use Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Tablets can be iOS or Android.

Browser: We recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

Broadband internet: Minimum 4MB shared connection for up to 20 computers with unlimited downloads.

Power supply: Uninterrupted power supply, either through device battery (for laptops or tablets) or external UPS backup for the computer lab.


Partners include schools and other institutions that have implemented EDeQUAL’s assessment and learning solutions