Strengthen your students’ Math skills

The Problem

Are students memorizing formulas instead of understanding Math concepts?
Is the teaching pace in class too fast or too slow for some students?
Is it difficult to provide individual attention to students who need it?

Students who perform poorly in Math do so not because they are unable to understand the subject, but because teaching methods are not well suited to their needs. If essential Math concepts are not grasped early, knowledge gaps grow with time and are very difficult to remedy later. Because it is a foundational subject, students who are weak at Math tend to perform below their potential in other subjects also.

What We Offer

EDeQUAL offers students blended learning – a unique and rigorously tested internationally recognised method that combines technology-enabled learning and teacher guidance – in Math.

Our solution is:
Individualised to each student’s requirement
Self-paced, so students can learn at their own speed
Concept mastery based, such that students understand concepts instead of simply learning formulas and calculation methods

Using the best available online instructional material – short videos, interactive exercises, and assessments – carefully organised by topic and learning objective, we provide comprehensive assessments to ensure that students master topics. Our approach empowers students by boosting their confidence and making them more independent-learners. We combine this with a strong student-teacher framework that enhances each student’s learning experience and helps make teachers more effective.

How EDeQUAL works

EDeQUAL’s unique four-step blended learning methodology delivers results in Pakistan’s schools.

ATLA Method Wheel


We start by assessing the unique learning needs of each student through EDeQUAL’s online diagnostic assessments that accurately determine each student’s Math proficiency by topic. A Student Competency Profile is developed using these assessment data. A thorough assessment process may take up to three sessions.


Individual or group-wise learning targets are set over a specified period such as a term. These targets are based on each student’s individual competency based on their assessment. The learning targets are documented in the student’s Learning Plan and guides what the student will work on over this period. The Learning Plan is regularly monitored to ensure that the student is on track.


Students use EDeQUAL’s online learning materials including instruction, guided practice, and independent practice, guided by a trained teacher. A minimum of two, and ideally up to five, 1-hour long guided learning sessions per week are conducted. During the first week students become familiar with our learning platform and method. An important objective during this first month is for the student to become a more independent learner. The teacher engages the student to take ownership of their learning. Once they become sufficiently independent, students are encouraged to also use EDeQUAL at home. Regular student-teacher check-in points ensure that progress towards learning goals is on track, and any adjustments that may be required are made to the Learning Plan.


Our continuous online assessments ensure that students actually understand concepts and are able to apply their learning. The EDeQUAL Mastery Assessments provide an objective report of learning outcomes, while teacher observation and engagement with the student provides a wider perspective on learning achievements and needs. EDeQUAL provides regular reporting on student progress. A mid-term and term-end goals review session to provide detailed feedback on student progress is provided.


St. Joseph’s Convent School

Karachi, Pakistan

51 students in classes 7, 8 and 9 enrolled in EDeQUAL’s Math remedial program over two terms (Sept-Nov 2015 and Feb-Apr 2016). Students spent 60 minutes per day for three days each week using EDeQUAL’s online materials and method, supported by their school teachers. Continuous assessments were conducted as students advanced through their individualized learning plans.

Results after three months of EDeQUAL

Nearly three out of four students improved their Math competency by over half a year.

One out of three students improved their Math competence by more than one year

On average, students mastered one topic (at any level) in less than four hours using EDeQUAL’s method

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