The thing I like about EDeQUAL is that we are using laptops for learning maths and every student works on his own topics he needs help with,so there is no rush to complete something.

Testimonial Saim Ahmed
Saim Ahmed
Class 9, The Indus Academy

My daughter is happy to join EDeQUAL. Before this, her interest in Math was zero and she has been struggling in this subject since grade 4. I would definitely continue to send her to the next term.

Testimonial Nadia Khawar
Nadia Khawar

I like how we get a more clearer concept of the topic using EDeQUAL Math.

Testimonial Niha Majid
Niha Majid
Class 10, The City School

While doing work at school, I hardly get help from my teacher. Here at EDeQUAL, I feel more confident to solve questions because if I get stuck at any point a teacher helps me to understand the concept and solve related activities.

Testimonial Noor Arshad Aziz
Noor Arshad Aziz
Class 3, The Indus Academy



I find it difficult to do Maths at school as I get confuse because of the bigger numbers. Most of the times the activities are very simple and boring . The activities at EDeQUAL make it easier for me to understand these big numbers because these are colorful and fun based, thus helping me enjoy learning this subject.

Testimonial CEANNA VAZ
Class 3, Convent of Jesus & Mary

EDeQUAL finds the topics I have difficulty in, and benefits me.

Testimonial Sami Zafar
Sami Zafar
Class 9, Froebels

My kids, all of them, hated Math. But after joining EDeQUAL, they have realized Math isn’t something they can’t conquer.

Testimonial Huma Majid
Huma Majid

My concepts are now clear and I have improved a lot in Maths by joining EDeQUAL.

Testimonial Abdul Rehman Sheikh
Abdul Rehman Sheikh
Class 9, Generations

Getting a set of options in a question makes it easier for me to attempt it. In school we just have to copy the questions and solve, but at EDeQUAL watching the video clarifies the concept and helps me to solve challenging questions and above all I can refer it back whenever I want to.

Testimonial Mohid Javed
Mohid Javed
Class 3, The Indus Academy

It helps me to understand the topics I am stuck at.

Testimonial Khadija Ahmed
Khadija Ahmed
Class 7, The Indus Academy

I like that at EDeQUAL, I get my grades as soon as I finish the assessment.

Testimonial Yasmeen Khan
Yasmeen Khan
Class 9, CAS

I like EDeQUAL math because it helps me in learning maths on the computer.

Testimonial Dania Yousfani
Dania Yousfani
Class 10, The Avicenna School



The main thing is that the child at EDeQUAL works on her own, and is aware of her shortcomings. She can continue doing it without feeling that you can’t achieve something. And when she finally does, it gives her a lot of confidence!

Testimonial Naseema Kapadia
Naseema Kapadia
Headmistress, St. Joseph's Convent School (Cambridge Section)

All the teachers at EDeQUAL are helpful and the environment is great.

Testimonial Arfa Usman Chachar
Arfa Usman Chachar
Class 5, St. Michael's Convent School

EDeQUAL is really great. I was average at Math but EDeQUAL has made me great on it!

Testimonial Rania Mirza
Rania Mirza
Class 4, The International School

Satisfied as expected!

Testimonial Farah Naz
Farah Naz

So far EDeQUAL has been really good. They don’t complain going to attend their sessions. I am happy with their performance.

Testimonial Sofia Usman
Sofia Usman

Using the internet to learn maths is a more fun way than to work on paper.

Testimonial Samia Ali
Samia Ali
Class 8, The Indus Academy

It is bringing about a positive change. He is feeling more confident about his Math skills.

Testimonial Tahira Nadeem
Tahira Nadeem

Oh my god! I have really improved. I used to get in 60s and 70s, but now I am getting in 80s and 90s!

Testimonial Ilsa Sharif
Ilsa Sharif
Class 8, St. Joseph's Convent School