City News – Creative Learning and Healing through Literature


3rd mega Children’s Literature Festival opened with a remarkable turn out! Over 10,000 children visited at Dawood Public School and celebrated the first day of creative learning and healing through literature. The festival was successfully inaugurated by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) and Oxford University Press (OUP), in collaboration with Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI), Dawood Foundation, Dawood Public School, OLPERS, Canadian High Commission to Pakistan, Open Society Foundation and the Government of Sindh.

Express Tribune – Redefining the learning space


Children are much more willing and interested in learning through digital technology, said Ameen Jan, EDeQUAL founder and CEO. “Technology democratises the education at a massive level.”

Speaking about the benefits of digital learning, Pakistan Software Houses Association for Information Technology president Jehan Ara, said that young people are figuring out new ways of learning and using technology to solve problems. 


ISC Lahore – Math Challenge


One-hundred fifty (150) students from the International School of Choueifat – Lahore (ISC-Lahore) in Pakistan recently competed in the EDeQUAL Math Challenge. The ISC-Lahore team, comprised of students in grades 3-11, competed against 7000 students from 40 schools in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad and were awarded 2nd and 5th place nation-wide for their efforts.

Educational Innovator Ameen Jan talks about EDeQUAL and the Ilm Apps Challenge 2014

The Beaconhouse School – Math Challenge


Beaconhouse Jubilee Campus students were declared national champions after they won the EDeQUAL Math Challenge held on November 26, 2014. Forty schools with 7,000 thousands students from all over Pakistan participated in the grand finale. The senior category team comprised Taha Mehmood and Minhel Khan of Class XI, Hamadullah and Ahmed Tanveer of Class X. In the junior category (Classws III, IV and V), Jubilee Campus was represented by Shaheer Saqif, Amatullah Saghir, Al Ain Jabbar and Mustafa Vasi.

The Express Tribune – Innovating Teaching Styles


If the numbers swim before your eyes every time you open your math textbook, Ameen Jan has developed an e-learning portal to ease your sufferings.

The program, EDeQUAL, makes math easy and fun to learn with tools and comprehensive learning material as a replacement to after-school tuitions for students between grades 3 and 11.

Dawn – Inter-school competition tests students’ Math skills


The maths challenge questions focused on analytical and problem-solving skills, aimed at testing students’ logical reasoning and concept knowledge in mathematics. “These analytical skills will differentiate the high achievers from the rest,” said Ameen Jan, CEO of EDeQUAL.

“If students and schools are to achieve excellence in mathematics at international standards, they must recognize that analytical skills, rather than calculation skills, need to be strengthened. A calculator will always surpass humans in speed and accuracy of calculation; but only humans have the ability to think and reason, and this should form the core of how maths is taught. Those students who have strong analytical ability invariably excel not just in mathematics but also in other subjects,” he added.