How can my child improve his Math results?

How can my child improve his Math results?

Parents often wonder how their child can improve their Maths results. They may seek help from the school teachers, but teachers’ advice is usually not sufficient to guide them on what to do. Parents may look for tuitions, which can help students learn how to answer test questions but in most cases doesn’t solve the underlying problem of underperformance: poor concept understanding. Tuitions are in most cases a band-aid solution; the real, underlying problem of poor concepts remains unaddressed and festers with time.

As their child moves to higher classes, Maths becomes more challenging. The “short-cut” solutions provided by tutors, which may have helped the child pass exams in earlier years, becomes less useful. And the gap between the child’s actual Math understanding and what is expected of them in higher classes becomes greater. The false sense of security provided by a clever tutor who helped their child pass exams in younger years now becomes evident. Parents start to panic, as they see their child’s O level exams looming a few years ahead. How to fix the huge gap that has emerged in the child’s Math performance, while keeping up with class work?

While parents get nervous about their child’s looming failure, the child starts to lose his confidence. He/she doesn’t ask any questions in class for fear of being ridiculed by the teacher and classmates. As he/she struggles with Maths, the child starts to believe that he is dumb; this affects his/her overall self-esteem and social life. Parents meanwhile look desperately for tuitions that can help their child overcome their Maths problem. And the cycle continues…

How can EDeQUAL help you?

If not diagnosed accurately and addressed at the right time, children’s learning gaps grow and become increasingly difficult to address. Identifying the precise nodes of the problem and carefully and comprehensively addressing their “failure points” is what most tutors fail to do. That is what makes EDeQUAL different.


At EDeQUAL, we conduct diagnostic assessments, using our proprietary technology-enabled assessment methodology, for every child that joins our program, across all foundational Maths topics. This determines the child’s learning gaps, and gives us a clear picture of what the actual need is. We invite the parents to meet us, and we share their child’s assessment results and learning plan with them. Based on the learning gaps identified, we create a personalized course for every child at EDeQUAL. Then, through our blended learning solution that combines technology with teacher guidance, each child follows their own customized course of learning. Our method has shown up to a 1 year improvement in Math competency in 3 months of regular usage.

If your child is facing a similar problem, or you would simply like to get your child off to a strong start to the new school year, feel free to get in touch with us. Our Summer Math Excellence Program runs until 13th August. We enroll students from class 3 and up.

Call us today at 021 35370017 or 0332 2508400 to discuss what your child’s needs. You can also visit us at our learning center located at D131, Block 4, Clifton, and learn why leading schools in Karachi, including KGS and St. Joseph’s Convent, trust our method to help their students excel in Math.


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